Every year, we take free health, fitness, and wellness resources out into the community in our outdoor movement festival, Streets Alive!, scheduled this year for September 10, from 1 – 5 PM. Streets Alive! is a family, child, pet, and wheelchair friendly event that promotes good nutrition and active living, encouraging people to get out and get moving. This year, Streets Alive will also support a neighborhood project in collaboration with the Belmont Neighborhood Association, Lincoln Parks and Recreation, neighborhood businesses and schools. Learn more about Streets Alive!      Learn more about the Streets Alive! Community Project.


Did you know energy drinks can be dangerous for kids 18 years old and younger? Consumption of energy drinks by young children and over-consumption by teens has been linked to heart attacks, seizures, and even death. Pediatricians say energy drinks have "no place" in the diets of children.  Learn more about energy drinks and kids.



Did you know that energy drinks can be a waste of your energy?  Regular energy drinks are full of sugar.  A 12 oz. can has almost as many calories as a 20 oz. regular soda.  And that burst of energy?  You'll be heading for a crash later.  Worse, a recent trend to mix energy drinks with alcohol can be very dangerous.  Learn more about energy drinks.


LNKTV Health Features PHL and Partners Monthly -  meet our partners

Each month, LNKTV Health's TV's Shape of the City program features community health projects funded by the recent $2M Partnership to Improve Community Health grant from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) awarded to Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln and partners.  Watch the latest segments here: 





August 2017

In the 1st segment, the Lincoln Parks & Recreation talks about their Yoga in the Park program;  the second segment features Aging Partners' Health & Fitness center; in the final segment, St. Monica's Behavioral Health Services discusses their garden therapy.




July 2017
NE Safety Council Safe Driving, NE Extension Choose Healthy Here, LES Sustainability Fair

In the 1st segment, the Nebraska Safety Council discusses distracted driving and the importance of safe driving at any age. In the second segment, Nebraska Extension demonstrates their Choose Healthy Here program in action. In the final segment, Lincoln Electric System talks about their upcoming LES Sustainable Living Festival.

June 2017
LLCD Summer Food Program, Lincoln Parks & Recreation, Pioneer Nature Center, Trail Trek
In the 1st segment, learn about the Summer Lunch Service Program from LLCHD. The 2nd segment features summer fun in the Lincoln park.  In the 3rd segment, Pioneers Park's Nature Center talks about their summer happenings.  In the final segment, learn about Trail Trek 2017.



Fitness Levels UP!

The Lincoln Journal Star 2016 Community Update (pictured here), features the yearlong efforts of Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln and all our partners to improve the health of our community, and moving towards our goal of FIT BY 2020.  READ MORE

View or download the Lincoln Journal Star 2016 Community Update






Foundation singles out city, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, LPS Wellness Program, LLCHD, WorkWell

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), America’s largest philanthropy devoted solely to the public's health, has recognized the city of Lincoln, the work of Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln and our partners, WorkWell, Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department, and the LPS Wellness Program, for progress made locally in addressing the nationwide obesity epidemic.  The foundation recently committed $500M over ten years to target childhood obesity across the country, bringing their investment total since 2007 to $1B to reverse childhood obesity rates. Read their article about Lincoln.