Streets Alive!

Play in the Streets!

What Is Streets Alive! ?

Outdoor Movement Fun

Streets Alive!
 is an outdoor movement festival celebrated in cities across America and the world that cordons off a section of a city to let people literally play in the streets. Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln brought the Streets Alive! concept to Lincoln starting in 2010 as an annual event. Streets Alive! is a FREE community event that promotes active living and healthy nutrition in a fun and interactive way. 


The 2017 Streets Alive! Festival was Sunday, September 10, from 1 - 5 PM.  Streets Alive! welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the city each year.   This year, the Belmont neighborhood co-hosted the 2017 event with Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln.  The 2 mile traffic free festival route included parks, walking and biking trails, community gardens, and areas of neighborhood interest. This 2017 Streets Alive! event also kicked off our 2 year neighborhood improvement project.     The 2018 festival date will be announced in the spring. 

Traffic Free, People and Pet Friendly

Streets Alive! encourages people to get off the couch, go outdoors and move up and down a stretch of city blocked off from traffic.  Streets Alive! is a child, dog, and wheelchair friendly event.  Visitors can bike, skate, walk, stroll, wheel (any kind of human powered traffic), or even dance their way down a route filled with exhibitors and entertainers.  Learn About the History of Streets Alive! Festivals.

Exhibitions and Food

Streets Alive! provides an opportunity for Lincolnites of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to access free and useful information. Lincoln Streets Alive! festivals have included 100’s of diverse exhibitors that provide a wide variety health, wellness, fitness, support, care, and other information in an interactive and engaging way that included games, contests, and giveaways.


You can leave your ipods and ipads at home during Streets Alive! because you won’t need them.  There’s plenty of variety and diversity of great entertainment.  Lincoln Streets Alive! performances have included music, dance, art, magic, theatre, join-in fitness classes and sports demonstrations, and more throughout the festival – something for everyone!  

NE150 Challenge
The 2017 Streets Alive! festival route was a part of the NE150 Challenge! Participants could walk, bike, run, or skate their way through the route as a NE150 Challenge event. Sponsored by the Nebraska Sports Council, the challenge is an event-centric wellness program that tracks and rewards participation in locally owned and organized events.