Streets Alive!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Exhibitors & Entertainers, Food Vendors

How do I sign up to exhibit or entertain?
You will be able to apply on line after May 15.
When and where is it?

The 2017 Streets Alive! festival is set for September 10, from 1 - 5 PM, hosted by the Belmont Neighborhood. The route will include neighborhood parks, walking and biking trails, neighborhood businesses and organizations, and areas of neighborhood interest.  

Where will the exhibitors be located?
Exhibitors, performers, and food vendors will be assigned locations all along the route.  Route maps and an entertainment schedule will be available on line closer to the event.

Where do exhibitors and performers park?
Before the event several streets will be closed to traffic and parking the day of the event. Parking locations will be announced when the route is set.

 *Please note: You can find these lots noted on the 2017 event map when it is produced.
Where do food vendors park?

Food vendors and farmer's markets can unload, set up, and park in the "food court" designated parking between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM on the festival date when the location is set.

If the route is closed, do I have to carry my things from my car?
All exhibitors are asked to set up from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. During this designated time you will be able to drive your car onto the route, closer to your assigned booth area to unload for the event.  Please time your arrival accordingly as we will not be able to provide these accommodations after 12:30 pm for the safety of our participants, exhibitors, and volunteers.

How much time do I have to set up for a performance?
Performers will have 15 minutes before their performance and 15 minutes after their performance to set up and take down unless other arrangements have been made.  The stages will be ready, so both should be minimal. There will be volunteers staffing information booths near your stage to assist you. 

Do exhibitors and food vendors have to stay the entire time?
There will be many activities starting at different times throughout the afternoon. To offer those that arrive later in the day the same experience as those that arrive earlier, we ask that your booth is staffed the entire time.

Sponsors, Volunteers

How can I be a sponsor of Streets Alive!?
You can apply to be a sponsor of the 2017 Streets Alive! from now until up to two months before the event, which has been set for Sunday, September 10 in the Belmont Neighborhood. For questions, contact Ashley Carlson or sign up on line now.
What are the volunteer opportunities with Streets Alive!?  
Click here for information about volunteer opportunities

For Those Attending

What is Streets Alive!?
Streets Alive!
 is a FREE family friendly afternoon of fun. A 2 mile stretch of Lincoln streets in the Belmont neighborhood will be closed to motorized vehicles and open for all human-powered transportation. Streets Alive! is a FREE community event that promotes active living and healthy nutrition in a fun and interactive way.

What will be there?
At Streets Alive! the route is lined with fun activities, entertainment, fitness demonstrations, and free health and wellness information. You can sing or dance along with entertainers, walk, skate or bike down the trail, taste yummy healthy food and beverages, and find great health and wellness resources. 

When and where is it?
The 2017 Streets Alive! festival is set for Sunday, September 10, from 1 - 5 PM.  It will be hosted by the Belmont neighborhood.  The route will include neighborhood parks, walking and biking trails, neighborhood businesses and organizations, and areas of neighborhood interest. 

Who can come?
Everyone is welcome! We encourage anyone who can walk, ride a bike, propel a wheelchair or push a stroller to get out and enjoy the event anytime between 1pm and 5pm. You can join anywhere along the 2 mile route.

Where can the attendees park?
There are a variety of parking areas available for public use during the event.  Public parking locations will be listed when the 2017 location is set.

Please note: You can find these lots noted on the 2017 event map when it is produced.

Is this event pet friendly?
Yes! We will even have a few booths along the route for your furry friend. Please keep all pets on a leash and be sure to clean up any pet waste appropriately.

How much does it cost?
Streets Alive!
is a FREE event! There will be fresh fruits and vegetables available for sale Farmer’s Market/Food Truck Area (City Impact parking lot) from local businesses and food trucks.

Do I have to sign-up?
No. This event is open to the public and requires no registration.

What streets will be closed?
When the festival location route is set, the closed streets will be listed.

Do I have to be there the entire time?
No. Enjoy the event any time from 1-5 PM. Come for as long as you like at any point during that time. To see everything along the route, we recommend you come by 4 PM, but the fun will continue until 5 PM!

Will there be food and drink?
Often healthy snacks and water are provided by our sponsors as well as many other exhibitors along the route. Fresh farm produce from and tasty food from several food vendors will be available at the "food court" when the location is set.

How do I know where the performers are?
You will be able to download an entertainment schedule closer to the event.

What should I wear? 
To make your 2 mile journey more enjoyable, we recommend wearing athletic shoes to protect your feet and clothing that allows you to move comfortably.  If you want to try a new fun way to stay active, put on your workout gear and join us at the fitness stages.

What should I bring?
Bring your bike, roller blades, skate board, stroller, or anything you enjoy using in outdoor play. Be prepared to have fun like you did as a child.

Does the route only go one direction and is there a starting point?
You can join the event at any spot along the route as there is no designated starting point, no right or wrong direction, and no required length!. Open street events like Streets Alive! allow you to make it your own by experiencing as much or as little of the route as you would like.

How will the event impact the residents and businesses along the route?
Residents and businesses along the route are in the best position to take advantage of everything this event has to offer.  There will be off-duty Lincoln Police Department officers on hand to assist people trying to get to locations along the route. Residents and businesses will receive notification of the street closures and alternative parking options. Streets will be closed to driving and parking from 7 am to 5 pm the day of the event.  Please be sure to move your vehicles to a designated parking area or on street parking off the route.  We apologize for any inconvenience and are committed to working with residents, businesses, and community based organizations to ensure that any negative impacts are minimized through thoughtful advanced planning, collaboration and outreach. Please contact PHL if you have any questions/concerns at 402-430-9940.