Healthy Lincoln-Healthy Community

Fit by 2015--The Story Behind the Effort

Four years ago Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln and a group of community organizations began working together to improve the health and fitness of Lincoln’s residents, starting with Lincoln’s school children. We started by tracking the weight and fitness of Lincoln’s children in order to find our problem areas, understand where things were going right, and have a way to measure whether our efforts were working. The great news is that we now have three straight years of progress reducing obesity and improving fitness in Lincoln Public Schools students!

An important lesson when driving positive community change is that it takes a coalition of organizations and a broad focus. This community update is a showcase of the local organizations working together to make this effort a success. We have shown great progress in school children; however, we hope to see similar results in younger children and adults in the coming years.

As you’ll see, many of these organizations are non-profits that depend on grants and donations. It is our hope that you will assist them in their efforts by donating either your time or resources. These organizations embody why Lincoln is such a great place to live and raise a family.

We hope you learn a lot about Lincoln’s health and fitness efforts in the pages of this update and look forward to even more success next year.

Click here to view or download this years' community update.