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Exhibiting at Streets Alive! Outdoors
Info for Resource Exhibitors and Healthy Food Vendors

Exhibiting at the Streets Alive! provides businesses or organizations with an opportunity to be a visible part of a free event open to the entire community of Lincoln.  Over the years, our attendance has grown to an average of 4,000 over the afternoon and has included more than 100 exhibitors and entertainers. Streets Alive! is typically an outdoor festival. Our 2020 Streets Alive! event moved online to protect community health and returned to the outdoors in 2021. The 2023 Streets Alive! festival was co-hosted by the University Place neighborhood on September 24.   Contact us if you have questions. or are interested in exhibiting at Streets Alive! 2024. 

Health Precautions
When we hold the festival outdoors, we want everyone to enjoy their Streets Alive! experience and feel safe.  If conditions warrant, we institute precautions like masking and distancing to protect community health.

Resource Exhibitor, Farmer's Market/Food Vendor  
Whether you are providing resources (health screenings, education, information), or providing produce or healthy food, you can reach thousands of people over the course of one afternoon.   

Promote Yourself
Bring people to you and let people know you will be at the Streets Alive! 

Event Route and Exhibitor Locations
We move the festival to a new location every two years. Participants line a nearly 2 mile route to encourage visitors to walk the whole route. Resource exhibitors can choose their location on the route on the application.  Locations on the route are first come, first served. Farmer's markets and food vendors will either be in a designated "food court" or located along the route. 

Getting to Your Spot, Setting Up
Exhibitors are able to set up ahead of the festival, between 11:00 am and 12:15 pm. During this time, you are able to drive your car closer to your assigned station area to unload for the event. After 12:15 pm, you will not be able to drive on blocked off streets. Volunteers will be available to help you find your location and set up your station. We provide the table and name placard for resource exhibitors. Resource exhibitors may also bring their own pop-up booths or overhead umbrellas. Please bring chairs and an electrical source if needed.  

Where to Park After Setting Up
The streets following the route will be closed to traffic and parking the day of the event. In order to accommodate everyone in the area on the day of the event, there will be a variety of parking lots available in the vicinity of the route. Parking locations and closed streets will be listed on our
FAQ page.

Festival visitors will come and go throughout the day, so plan to staff for the entire eventOtherwise, you'll miss a great promotion and outreach opportunity! 

BE SAFE - Streets are closed but participants should watch for vehicles, children, pets and other normal hazards. Streets Alive! is not held liable for participants' failure to be watchful. No weapons. No smoking.

BE HEALTH CONSCIOUS - Wear a mask if health conditions warrant.
BE RESPONSIBLE - Take care on the streets and sidewalks; watch for others. Dispose of litter and pet waste in responsible ways.
BE RESPECTFUL - Use family-friendly language; be considerate of others.
BE GREEN - Please recycle in the bins along the route.

Other questions? Email us.