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Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln in the News Archive


KLKN-TV News, Oct. 2011 - Mayor Beutler Declares "Streets Alive!"
NET News, KVNO, June 2012 - Young and Overweight 
KLKN-TV News, Sept. 2013 - City Prepares for Streets Alive!
KLKN-TV News, Oct. 2013 - Streets Alive! Fair Held Near Capitol
KOLN/KGIN News CBS, June 2013 -  Push for Healthy Vending Machines Comes to Lincoln
WOWT News NBC, Jan. 2015 - A Look Ahead: Bills Proposed for 2015 NE Legislature

KLKN-TV News, April 2015 -  City Plans to Host 5th Annual Streets Alive!
KOLN/KGIN News CBS, Apr. 2015 - Former Husker Rex Burkhead Encourages Kids to Get Fit, Eat Healthy
KOLN/KGIN First News CBS, Apr. 2015 - Interview: Bob Rauner: Fitness Levels Ups, Obesity Rates Down at LPS
KOLN/KGIN Healthy Everyday CBS, NBC, May 2015 - Interview: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, LPS: Student Fitness Improving, Obesity Rates Decreasing 
KOLN/KGIN Healthy Everyday, July, 2015 - Interview: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, WorkWell, Lincoln Industries: Workplace Wellness and Healthy Beverage Vending
KLKN-TV Midday News, Sept. 2015 - Interview: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, 2015 Streets Alive!
KLKN-TV Evening News, Sept. 2015 - Interview: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, 2015 Streets Alive!
KOLN/KGIN News, Sept. 2015Kids Get Active at Streets Alive! Festival   

Journals, Periodicals

Today Parents,  Febr. 2013  - Smart Jocks: Fit Kids Do Better on Math, Reading Tests  
The Journal of Pediatrics, Febr. 2013  -  Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Aerobics – Evaluating the New “R” in Academic Performance  

Education Week, Nov. 2017 - Educators: Lincoln Students' Wrist Monitors Promote Fitness


NY Daily Times
Mar. 2013  -
Active Kids Do Better on Academic Tests Than Couch Potatoes: Study

Omaha World Herald
Febr. 2014  -
Lincoln Schools Making Gains in Keeping Students Fit  

Lincoln Journal Star, Washington Times

Mar. 2011  - Lunch and Learn Topic on Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln
Nov. 2011  - Study: Fit Kids Tend to Do Better at LPS
Jan. 2013   - Doctor Wants to End Soda Subsidy
Mar. 2013   - Bill Would Tax Soda to Fund Health Programs 
Apr. 2014   - Mayor Promotes Health Events
July 2014   - Push on to Make Nebraska Schools Healthier

Sept. 2014 - Streets Alive! Attracts Record Attendance
Sept. 2014 - Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln Awarded $2M CDC Grant to Improve Community Health
Nov. 2014  - Increasing Taxes on Cigarettes and Junk Food Provides $100M in Tax Relief
Dec. 2014  - Malone Center Focuses on the Gift of Good Health
Febr. 2015 - Teach a Kid to Fish, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln Reach Out to Kids, Families at LPS Health Fairs
Mar. 2015   - BMI Screening in Lincoln Schools 
Apr. 2015   - Partnership Reaches Goals, Keeps Moving Forward 
May 2015   - Editorial: Cheers for Fitness Progress 
Sept. 2015 - Play in the Streets at Streets Alive! 
Sept. 2015 - Streets Around Peter Pan Park Come Alive

Nov. 2015  - Keep Your Game!
Dec. 2015  - Play Hard, Refuel Smart

Febr. 2013 - Soda Tax Could Help State Reduce Childhood Obesity

Strictly Business
Mar, 2013 - Do We Really Need Sports Drinks?

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Febr. 5, 2015: City Reports 8.2 Percent decline in Obesity Among Children in Grades K through 8

Lincoln Public Schools Community Update News

Mar. 2015: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Behold ... the Power of Snacks 
Apr. 2015: Mar. 2015: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch:
Mindcraft ... Building Powerful Habits
May, 2015: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Student Fitness
Sept. 2015: Michelle Welch: Streets Alive! Celebrates Community Wellness  

Dec. 2015: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Sneaking Up: Unhealthy Food Marketing to Kids

Lincoln Kids

Dr. Bob Rauner:   Do We Need Sports Drinks?   
Dr. Bob Rauner:   The Overlooked Benefits of Tap Water   
Dr. Bob Rauner,  Fall 2014:  Keeping Kids Fit, Healthy, and Ready to Learn    
Dr. Bob Rauner, Winter 2014Don't Lose it Over the Summer!    
Dr. Bob Rauner, Spring 2015:   It's Not Fat or Thin - it's Fit    
Dr. Bob Rauner, Summer 2015:   Are Diet Sodas "Healthy"?  
Ashley Deisler, Julie Anderson, Fall 2015 2015 Streets Alive! Play in the Streets With Us!
Dr. Bob Rauner, Winter 2015:   Unhealthy Food Marketing to Kids 

Dr. Bob Rauner, Spring 2016:  Keep Your Game – Do Adults or Kids Really Need Energy Drinks?
Dr. Bob Rauner, Summer 2016Lincoln Kids More Fit

Ashley Carlson, Julie Anderson, Fall 2016: Fall 2016: 2016 Streets Alive! 
Dr. Bob Rauner, Winter 2016: How Much Physical Activity Should My Kid Get?

Nebraska Hospital Association - Healthier Nebraska

Dr. Bob Rauner, Fall 2015:       Why Should Hospitals Care About Healthy Beverages
Tami Frank, Winter 2015:         Healthy Beverages in the Healthcare Workplace, Going Beyond Chronic Care
Dr. Bob Rauner, Spring 2016:  Physicians Launch Cancer Screening Project
Tami Frank, Summer 2016:      Building a Breastfeeding Friendly Community
Julie Pearson Anderson, Summer 2018: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln Wins National Award for Cancer Screening Project

55 Plus

Dr. Bob Rauner, Julie Pearson Anderson: The Grandparent - Grandchild Health Connection;

Living Well Magazine

Fall 2015 -  Shape of the City Focuses on Older Adults