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Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln in the News

PHL in the News Archive, 2011 - 2015

PHL in the News Archive, 2016 - 2018

Television, Radio, Podcasts

KOLN/KGIN CBS, Sept. 22, 2019: Annual Event Gets Thousands Outside  
KLKN ABC Sept. 22, 2019:  Streets Alive! Festival Celebrates 9 Yrs at Cooper Park
KOLN/KGIN CBS Aug 29, 2020: Ads on Lincoln Buses Encourage Women to Know Their Rights About Breastfeeding
KETV ABC, Nov. 10, 2020: Governor Rickets Tightens Directed Health Measures By No General Mask Mandate
KETV ABC, Dec. 11, 2020: Nebraska Will Ease Some COVID-19 Restrictions
WOWT, NBC, Febr. 16, 2021: Nebraska Working to Improve Vaccine Distribution

KLON/KGIN CBS, Fer. 18, 2021: LPS Remote Failure Correlate to Family Income Levels
KETV ABC, Febr. 21, 2021: Nebraska Ranks 33rd in Rate of Administering Coronavirus Vaccines
KOLN/KGIN CBS Mar. 22, 2021: 3rd and F Streets Tunnel Gets a Revamp

KOLN/KGIN CBS. Apr. 17, 2021: Local Doctor Makes You Tube Videos Answering COVID 19 Questions
KOLN/KGIN CBS May 5, 2021: Local Doctors Optimistic for "Herd Immunity"
NET TV Nebraska, May 6, 2021: Speaking of Nebraska - Vaccine Hesitancy
KOLN/KGIN CBS May 11, 2021: Local Doctors Discuss Vaccine Safety for Kids, Efficacy for 12 - 15 Age Group
KLIN AM Radio, June 26, 2021: Kids, Variants, and Long Haulers
KZUM FM Radio, July 2, 2021: Dr. Bob Rauner, Vaccines and Youth

Apple Podcast, Caught on the Mike: Dr. Bob Rauner
KETV ABC, Sept. 18, 2021: Showcase Nebraska - Streets Alive! and the F Street Tunnel Project
KOLN/KGIN CBS, Sept. 26, 2021: Lincoln Showcases First Bike Boulevard at Streets Alive!
KETV ABC, Sept. 26, 2021: Lincoln’s first ‘Bicycle Boulevard’ Aims at Making Roads Safer for Bikers
KLKN ABC TV, Oct. 26, 2021: Place Matters 4.0 Maps, Sept. 20, 2023 Show Link Between People of Color, Poverty
KLKN ABC TV Nov. 17, 2021: Layers of Protection: Keeping Your Family Safe for the Holiday
KOLN/KGIN CBS, Jan. 18, 2022: Pro-Vax Ad Campaign Hopes to Reach Black Community
KOLN/KGIN CBS, Febr. 7,2022: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln Aims to Expand Vaccinations in Communities of Color
Nebraska Public Media, Febr. 10, 2022: Dr. Rauner Optimistic About Nebraska's Pandemic Trends
KLKN ABC TV, May 26, 2022:  F Street Tunnel Renovated
LNKTV Health, May 26, 2022: Mayor, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, Project Partners and Sponsors Celebrate F St. Tunnel

KLKN ABC TV, Sept. 25, 2022: Streets Alive! Brings People Together
KOLN/KGIN CBS, Sept. 25, 2022: Lincolnites Head to University Place for Streets Alive!
KLIN Radio: Sept. 20, 2023: Northeast Lincoln Neighborhood to Close Off for Streets Alive! Festival
KOLN/KGIN CBS, Sept. 24, 2023: Streets Alive! Finishes Second Year in University Place
KETV ABC, Nov. 26, 2023: Nebraska Doctors Ask for Quicker Access to Maternal, Infant Health Data

Journals, Periodicals

Today Parents,  Febr. 2013  - Smart Jocks: Fit Kids Do Better on Math, Reading Tests  
The Journal of Pediatrics, Febr. 2013  -  Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Aerobics – Evaluating the New “R” in Academic Performance  

Education Week, Nov. 2017 - Educators: Lincoln Students' Wrist Monitors Promote Fitness


NY Daily Times
Mar. 2013  -
Active Kids Do Better on Academic Tests Than Couch Potatoes: Study

US News and World Report
July 18, 2021: Nebraska Schools Get Conflicting Advice on Virus Quarantine
Aug. 5, 2021: Somes States Have Stopped or Reduced COVID-19 Data Reporting as Delta Spreads

Lincoln Journal Star, Washington Times, Omaha World Herald
Jan.2019: Health & the City: For Sweet Teeth, Rein in the "Sweet Tooth"
Febr. 2019: Health & the City: March Reminds Us: Eat Healthy and Prevent Cancer  
March 2019: Health & the City: Digging In and Coming Together
April 2019: Health & the City: Lincoln Offers Way to Bike to Your Heart's Content   
May 2019: Health & the City: Good Health and the Great Outdoors 
May 2019:  Streets Alive! Belmont Park Project Completed   
June 2019: Health & the City: Good Food, Good Health, and Hope on Wheels

July 2019: Health & the City: Mother's Milk - Saving the World $341B and Many Lives
August 2019: Health & the City: Getting There is Half the Fun
Sept. 14, 2019:  Streets Alive! Part of an Active Week in Lincoln  
Sept. 18, 2019: Big Arts Weekend on Tap for Lincoln

Sept.18, 2019: Family Weekend Calendar Includes Streets Alive !  
Sept. 20, 2019:  LPS Fitness Rates Decrease, Immigration Crackdown Related

Sept. 2019: Health & the City:  What's Eating Your Kids?  Eat Together and Find Out
Oct. 2019: Health & the City:  Happier Holidays: Avoiding the Winter Blues
Nov. 2019: Health & the City: Make Your Neighborhood Your Network

Dec. 2019: Health & the City: Twelve Months of Health Nuggets
Jan. 2020: Health & the City: Don't Break Your Heart   
Febr. 2020: Health & the City: Wacky Wellness Lady Energizes Students   
Mar. 2020: Health & the City: Health and Community Spirit in Trying Times
April 2020: Health & the City: Be Active and Social - But Be Smart  
May 9, 2020: Doctors Say It's Too Early to Re-Open
May 2020: Health & the City: Wear Because You Care
June 2020: Health & the City: Get Outdoors!
June 8, 2020:  We're Nowhere Near Out of the Woods
July 15, 2020:  Coffee with Dr. Bob Rauner
July 2020: Health & the City: The Upside of a Pandemic
July 28, 2020: Mask Mandate is Data-Driven Policy.

Aug. 2, 2020: Seven Languages, One Message
Aug. 2, 2020: Reopening Schools in Lincoln, a Balancing Act
Aug.23, 2020: Masked up for Soccer to Save Their Season, Families, and Communities
Aug. 25, 2020: Catching Up in a Changing World
Aug. 29, 2020: Health & the City: Nourishing New Lives in a Pandemic
Sept. 26, 2020: Annual Streets Alive! Outdoor Festival Moves Online Oct. 4  
Sept. 26, 2020: Health & the City: Don't Be Foolish, Avoid Getting Flu-ish
Oct. 31, 2020: Health & the City: Test Your Flu IQ - Myth vs Fact
Nov. 14, 2020Board Member: Closing Schools Not the Answer; Leaders Need to Take Decisive Action Now
Nov 20, 2020: Other Cities Eye Mask Mandates
Nov. 20, 2020: Dr. Bob Rauner Honored for Many Community Contributions
Nov. 28, 2020: Health & the City: Connecting Safely at Holiday Time
Dec. 26, 2020: Health & the City: Tips for Staying Safe, Active, and Healthy in Cold Weather
Jan. 30, 2021: Health & the City: COVID-19 Vaccination Q & A
Febr. 16, 2021: Nebraska Ranks 33rd in Rate of Administering Vaccines
Febr. 27, 2021: Health & the City: Keeping the Sharks at Bay
Mar. 20, 2021: Health & the City: Gardening for the Pandemic Soul
Apr. 17, 2021: Local Non-Profit Awarded CDC Grant
Apr. 24, 2021: Health & the City: Biking - Pandemic Relief for the Body and Mind
May 28, 2021: Health & the City: To Mask or Not Now?  It Depends.
June 8, 2021: Nebraska Experts - Keep Focus on Vaccinations, Not "Herd Immunity"
June 16, 2021: COVID Safe?  CWS Brings Uncertain Virus Risks, Especially for the Unvaccinated

June 26, 2021: Health & the City: Tips for a Happy, Healthy, Safe Summer
June 26, 2021: Nebraska's Gap Between Urban and Rural Vaccination is Widest in the Nation2

July 20, 2021: Lincoln School Board Member Predicts Mask Requirements 
July 31, 2021: Health & the City: Walk off Pandemic lbs., Gain Brain Health
Aug. 22, 2021: COVID Boosters Prompt Debate
Aug. 24, 2021: Nebraska Health Officials Cheer FDA Approval of COVID Vaccine
Aug. 28, 2021: Health & the City: F Street Tunnel Project, the Art of Good Health
Sept.15, 2021: County Sees Big Drop in COVID-19 Positives
Sept. 18, 2021: Streets Alive! Returns to South Salt Creek Neighborhood Sept. 26
Sept. 20, 2021: Nebraska Brings Back COVID Dashboard
Sept. 25, 2021: Health & the City: Lincoln’s Nonprofits Reach Out to Protect the City’s Health

Sept. 25, 2021: 'Streets Alive!' Outdoor Movement Festival Sunday
Oct. 30, 2021:  Health & the City: What's New with the Flu
Nov. 2, 2021  COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Up in Nebraska After Four Week Decline
Nov. 10, 2021: Quarantine Numbers Up at LPS
Nov. 27, 2021: Health & the City: Holiday Conflict and Winter Blues?  There's Help.

Dec. 21, 2021: Lincoln Drops Mask Mandate
Dec. 25, 2021: Health & the City: Preserving Your Health and Sanity With an Active Winter.
Jan. 8, 2022:  Dr. Bob Rauner Discusses Accountable Care Organizations 
Jan. 29, 2022: Health & the City: Having a Heart to Heart About Your Heart
Febr. 26, 2022: Health & the City: Giving Kids a Taste of Good Health
Mar. 26, 2022: Health & the City: Holding Onto Our Pandemic Gains
April 27, 2022: Lincoln COVID-19 Cases Are On the Rise
April 30, 2022: Health & the City: In May, You Might Like ... to Bike!
May 28, 2022: Health & the City: Getting Out in the Great Outdoors
June 4, 2022: Completion of F Street Tunnel Project Celebrated
June 25, 2022: Health & the City: Kids and Mental Health - The More They Move, the Better Their Mood
July 30, 2022:  Health & the City: Healthy Moms and Babies
Aug. 17,2022: COVID Cases Decline in Lincoln - But COVID Isn't Over
Aug. 27, 2022: Health & the City: The Journey Can Be Half the Fun
Sept. 11, 2022: Availability, Focus on COVID Data Shifted Over Time in Nebraska
Sept. 16, 2022: UPCO Park PHL to Co-Host Streets Alive! Sept. 25
Sept. 24, 2022: Health & the City: Double Up - It's for Good for Your Health
Sept. 25, 2022: Childhood Obesity Struggle a Growing Problem
Sept. 27, 2022: Despite Positive Trends, Nebraska Expert Says Don't Let Up on COVID Boosters
Oct. 21, 2022: Lincoln Non-Profit Uses Trusted Voices to Close Vaccination Gaps Among Hispanics, Black Residents
Oct. 29, 2022: Health & the City: November is Diabetes Awareness Month
Nov. 26, 2022: Health & the City: Tips for Happier, Healthier, Less Stressful Holidays
Dec. 31, 2022: Health & the City: Taking Care of You in 2023
Jan. 24, 2023: Nebraska Experiences First Winter COVID Lull
Jan. 25, 2023: Local COVID Risk Drops Again
Jan. 28, 2023: Health & the City: Getting Down to the Heart of the Matter
Febr. 18, 2023: 
Nebraska Group Aims to Reduce Infant Mortality
Febr. 25, 2023: Health & the City: Staying Healthy from Top to 'Bottom'
Mar. 19, 2023: Three Years Into the COVID Pandemic, Where is Nebraska Headed?
Mar. 25, 2023: Health & the City: Getting Things Done - AmeriCorps Style
April 29, 2023: Health & the City: The Joy of Pedaling
May 27, 2023: Health & the City: Celebrate the Great Outdoors in June
June 24, 2023: Health & the City: Good Health and Social Media 
July 29, 2023: Health & the City: Community Educators Are Trusted Voices in 27 Languages
Aug. 17, 2023: Nebraska Removes Wastewater Data as COVID Cases Start to Rise

Aug. 26, 2023: Health & the City: More Than a Shop" Means Good Health ...With Style
Sept. 16, 2023: University Place to Co-Host Streets Alive! on Sept. 24
Sept. 30, 2023: Health & the City: Fall is Virus Time
Oct. 28, 2023:  Health & the City: Prepare Now for Happier, Healthier Holidays
Nov. 4, 2023:  Dr. Rauner Talks About Healthcare, COVID-19 in Presentation
Nov. 27, 2023:  Health & the City: Moms Helping Moms 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Febr. 5, 2015:
City Reports 8.2 Percent decline in Obesity Among Children in Grades K through 8

Lincoln Public Schools Community Update News
Jan. 2016: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch
: It Takes A Community Effort
Febr. 2016: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Play Hard, Refuel Smart, "Juicy" Choices Not Always Best
Mar. 2016: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: "Screen Time" vs. Lean Time, Kids Eat What They Watch 
Apr. 2016: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Finishing Strong: The Keys to a Great Final Quarter
Sept. 2016: Michelle Welch: School Communities Celebrate Streets Alive!
Oct. 2016:  Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: First Line of Defense 
Nov. 2016: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Active Play, Fitness = Better Classroom Success
Dec. 2016: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Staying Healthy Over the Holiday Season
Jan. 2017: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Hacks for a Healthier 2017
Febr. 2017: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch:  Catchy Headlines, Big Promises

May 2017: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Hacks for a Fun, Healthier Summer
May 2017: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: An Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure
Sept. 2017: Ashley Carlson, Michelle Welch: Begin the School Year by Getting Active at Streets Alive!
Oct. 2017, Michelle Welch: Belmont Elementary Home to Streets Alive!
Nov. 2017: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Energy Drinks and Kids: What Parents Need to Know
Jan. 2018: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Keeping it Simple in 2018 
Febr. 2018: Dr. Bob Rauner, Dr. Matt Avey: The Path to Healthier Schools, Healthier Kids
Mar. 2018: Dr. Bob Rauner, Michelle Welch: Mood Boosters to Spring into Action
Oct. 2018: Michelle Welch: Streets Alive! Celebrates Free, Active Fun

Lincoln Kids
Julie Anderson, Spring 2019:  The Power of Unplugged Play
Julie Anderson, Summer 2019:  Raising Kids Who Say "Yum, Broccoli!"
Julie Anderson, Fall 2019:  Streets Alive!, Part of an Active Weekend of Fun
Julie Anderson, Winter 2019: Help Your Family Stay Active and Healthy Over the Holidays
Julie Anderson, Spring 2020: March is National Nutrition Month
Julie Anderson, Summer 2020: Here to Help

Julie Anderson, Fall 2020: Helping Your Kids Get Back to School
Julie Anderson, Winter 2020: Fight Flu Together

Nebraska Hospital Association - Healthier Nebraska
Dr. Bob Rauner, Fall 2015:       
Why Should Hospitals Care About Healthy Beverages
Tami Frank, Winter 2015:         Healthy Beverages in the Healthcare Workplace, Going Beyond Chronic Care
Dr. Bob Rauner, Spring 2016:  Physicians Launch Cancer Screening Project
Tami Frank, Summer 2016:      Building a Breastfeeding Friendly Community
Julie Pearson Anderson, Summer 2018: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln Wins National Award for Cancer Screening Project

Living Well Magazine

Spring 2016 - You're Always a Parent, Even When You're a Grandparent
Summer 2016 - Outdoor Festival Set for Sept. 25
Summer 2016 - Striking the Right Balance for Good Health
Winter 2017 - Limiting Screentime Makes for Happier, Healthier Adults

Fall 2018 - Streets Alive! Outdoor Festival Set for Sept. 23
Summer 2022 - Help Kids Build a Healthy Future