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Fun with Food and Fitness

Developed by Nebraska 4-H, WeCook teaches proper nutrition, practicing food preparation skills, and engaging in physical activity to promote child and family wellness.  WeCook is a research-based, evidence-informed out-of-school time program that has been shown to be effective for 3rd-5th graders. The program’s long-term goal is to give youth the skills and knowledge needed to engage in healthy eating and physical activity behaviors. 

WeCook involves the whole family through its engagement nights where students show off their new-found cooking skills and education.  Parents often report that their children who participate in WeCook help their families to choose, prepare and serve healthier food at home, as seen in this video.

WeCook is normally offered as an after school program at Arnold, Calvert, Elliott, Everett, Dawes, Goodrich, Huntington, Pershing and West Lincoln elementary schools in Lincoln, Nebraska.  During the pandemic, WeCook is being offered virtually at select schools.  Check with schools for more information.  Interested in being a part of WeCook?  If you are interested in seasonal employment in the WeCook program, fill out this application.  If you'd like to volunteer with a WeCook program, click on this link.

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