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Using Strengths to Make a Difference

Positivity Matters is a local organization using research on positive psychology to improve the wellbeing of the Lincoln community. By encouraging people to evaluate and understand their own strengths they will find the work they do to be more rewarding at every level, where they play, where they work, and where they serve.

Nick Hernandez has spent the past two years developing community conversations to share the positive impact of asset based community development. Starting with a viewing of the documentary ”Happy” held at Nebraska Wesleyan University in February of 2012, the organization has worked to involve the community. Positivity matters now holds weekly discussion groups, hosts a weekly radio spot on KZUM, and is working to bring a wellbeing summit to Lincoln entitled Happiness Lincoln in November.

The summit will present a full day of how wellbeing and human building can be applied at the community level. The morning will be focused on the theory of positive psychology and what the research says. Then in the afternoon the emphasis will switch to how these theories can be put into practice with a highlight of what is currently being done in the Lincoln area. This event will also be a celebration of the 15th anniversary of positive psychology and wellbeing research that was launched with a summit in Lincoln in 1999.

Positivity Matters believes that if people have a better understanding of their own strengths and use them in their everyday life, they will find their work to be more rewarding. “We encourage everyone to complete a strengths finder and find a place to volunteer that fits with those strengths” –Nick Hernandez, founder of Positivity Matters

To learn more visit their website or Facebook page or contact Nick.