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Healthy Pregnancy - Pregnant, New Mom, Newborn Resources

Because medical care during pregnancy and the first year after pregnancy lowers the risk of pregnancy complications, birth defects, and infant and maternal mortality, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln works towards improving access to prenatal and postnatal care, especially for lower income women and women of color.

Healthy Babies - Breastfeeding

Because breastfeeding provides lifelong health benefits for both mothers and infants, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln coordinates a community-wide breastfeeding initiative, working with Lincoln healthcare facilities, community organizations, and trained peer counselors to implement consistent and evidence-based policies, education and support to pregnant and breastfeeding moms, babies, and families.

Healthy Schools

Because fit children do better academically, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln works with Lincoln Public Schools, the Community Learning Centers, ServeNebraska/AmeriCorps and several other organizations to support wellness policies to decrease obesity rates and increase fitness levels in the schools through programs that promote physical activity, good nutrition, and the forming of healthy habits.

Healthy Neighborhoods

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln works improve community and neighborhood health through outreach and active engagement. 

Healthy Communities

Improving Patient Outcomes: To save lives and improve the health outcomes of patients, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln works with primary care clinics in Lincoln and the surrounding area to streamline and standardize clinical processes, increase patient outreach, and promote preventative care through these Clinical Quality Improvement Initiatives:  Nebraska Physicians Cancer Screening Initiative, Lincoln HPV Project, the Maternal and Child Health Project, Nebraska Medicare Shared Savings Program, and the Lincoln Diabetes Quality Improvement Initiative.
Protecting Community Health:  During public health crises, we provide science and evidence based information: Flu    COVID 19

Healthy Beverages

Our community-wide healthy beverage initiative works to improve nutrition by decreasing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages through a public education media campaign, "Rethink Your Drink", and a program to establish healthy beverage options and vending policies for the workplace and other public spaces.

Collective Impact - Partnerships

Through collaborative grant awards, we partner with existing private and public organizations to cooperate and share resources. We convene organizations that have a role in improving the health of the community and collaborate with them on initiatives.   We help them work toward common health related goals and promote their efforts throughout the community.