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The Importance of After School and Out of School Wellness Programs

In the 1970’s around 5% of children were clinically obese.  By 2016, that number had increased to 18.5%. With this increase in childhood obesity rates has come a marked increase in obesity related chronic diseases, like diabetes, in our nation's children.  

Research shows substantial health benefits from increasing fitness and decreasing childhood obesity. These benefits also go beyond health, including improvements in a student’s academic performance, ultimately impacting the wellness of our whole community.  With fewer minutes allocated to physical education and recess in schools, teaching children about healthy eating and involving them in fitness activities in after school and out of school programs has become even more important in helping kids to live longer, healthier lives.  Programs that involve the entire family help to reinforce and sustain wellness education.  Click on the icons below to find guides and links/resources for the programs listed: