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Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department Outreach Works to Increase Physical Activity

Every day, almost 122,000 Lincoln residents commute to work alone by driving a personal vehicle. The commuting decisions we make directly affect our physical and environmental health. More time spent in a vehicle means less time being active. Active transportation options encourage community members to shift away from personal vehicle use and toward walking, bicycling and other forms of non-motorized travel.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s Active Living program aims to work with community partners and other city/county departments to increase physical activity among adults and youth to help create a healthier lifestyle for Lincoln area residents. This goal is accomplished by providing awareness and education on the various active transportation options available, creating and improving access for physical activity, increasing safe active transportation to school and work, and providing technical assistance to promote street connectivity, sidewalk and trail infrastructure, bicycle infrastructure, and public transit infrastructure and access.

A current Community Health Improvement Plan effort includes working with a group of private sector community members, Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) staff, and city departments to provide LPS parents and administration with the necessary resources to ensure their students stay safe while walking/biking to school. The Lincoln Police Department’s (LPD) accident report data from Jan 2018-June 2022 showed a total of 77 bike crashes and 44 pedestrian crashes to children ages 5-14. This group aims to gain a better understanding of the barriers to students actively commuting and coordinate efforts to address them.

Visit Health Promotion & Outreach – City of Lincoln, NE to learn more about the Health Department’s Health Promotion and Outreach division.