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NeighborWorks Lincoln is a nonprofit organization with the mission to revitalize neighborhoods and support homeownership, keeping Lincoln a safe and prosperous community. NeighborWorks encourages better neighborhoods by:

  • Empowering strong resident leadership through collaboration with city departments and community partners;
  • Facilitating sustainable homeownership through homebuyer education and assistance; and
  • Developing desirable housing for economically diverse clientele in Lincoln’s core neighborhoods.

Throughout its 36 years of service to Lincoln, Nebraska, NeighborWorks Lincoln has become a local leader in the community development sector and the preeminent facilitator of affordable homeownership opportunities. The current lines of business include (1) developing desirable housing through rehabilitation and construction, (2) strengthening neighborhoods by building capacity and empowering residents, and (3) facilitating sustainable homeownership through homebuyer education and an empowering down payment assistance program. All three lines of business work together to support neighborhood stabilization and advancement.

In June, as a local affiliate NeighborWorks Lincoln will join NeighborWorks America and the nearly 250 other NeighborWorks organizations serving communities across the country to celebrate National NeighborWorks Week. Every year, thousands of residents, businesses, and local elected and civic leaders nationwide participate in local celebrations of the impact NeighborWorks organizations have in their respective communities.

This year, NeighborWorks Lincoln is excited to invite the Lincoln community to three events during NeighborWorks Week.

NeighborWorks Movie Night: June 3rd, 2023
Grab your lawn chairs, a blanket, popcorn, and some snacks and lets enjoy a movie night in the Malone/Hawley neighborhood. NeighborWorks Lincoln is excited to host their first ever movie night and would love to have residents who live in the Malone/Hawley neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods to join! 

NeighborWorks Impact Bike Tour: June 7, 2023
Grab your bike and join NeighborWorks Lincoln for a guided bicycle tour through parts of Lincoln. Along the tour, participants will have the opportunity to see and learn more about the impact NeighborWorks Lincoln has had throughout the Lincoln community. The tour will highlight past major development projects and infill new construction.

Malone/Hawley Neighborhood Block Party: June 10, 2023
NeighborWorks Lincoln is honored to host their second block party for the Malone/Hawley neighborhood. The celebration will include block party activities, food, history about the Malone/Hawley neighborhood, and facilitating a community forum to hear from residents! 

Watch for information on NeighborWorks social media platforms and website for more information for all these events and save the date!