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LPS Wellness
Helping students thrive in challenging times

It’s undeniable that these past few years have been tough. But for students, the challenges of health, learning disruption and world turmoil have held a heavier weight.  LPS has been fortunate to keep students in schools, but the challenges of added learning distractions have led to some gaps, both academically and socially. How is the LPS Wellness team working to support filling those gaps?

First, LPS is fortunate to have a team of experts supporting the whole child approach to learning. That first includes an administration dedicated to students being healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

LPS health office staff supports students who have chronic health conditions and who are dealing with critical need visits. They also provide health screenings and referrals for dental, vision and more.

Nutrition services staff provide opportunities for healthy breakfast and lunch options at all schools, as well as healthy snack options through the fruits and vegetables program at Title I schools.


Teachers in classroom settings provide opportunities to learn about all aspects of health, from physical education increasing skills and understanding of activities, health classes focused on lifelong health strategies and family consumer science classes helping students gain valuable lifeskills in the kitchen.

LPS teachers, social workers, counselors, psychologists, student services and administration combine forces to support students in gaining social-emotional skills for daily living and success, in the challenging world of 2022. Social-emotional wellness has taken a more prominent seat in our efforts as the challenges facing students are bigger and willingness to address these issues has increased.

Before and after school programs help extend the learning for students and consistently include options that help enhance student wellness. From cooking classes to activity clubs and even bonus gym time, students thrive in these opportunities for learning supports with an after-school type of feel.

Efforts to be proactive versus reactive have never been stronger. LPS Wellness continues to emphasize intertwining wellness efforts for students and staff to help ensure positive role modeling for students and self-care for staff. Teachers will continually do more for their students than for themselves. Giving teachers permission to take part with students in a leadership role within wellness has helped teachers ensure that they don’t forget to include taking care of themselves.

Finally, efforts to collaborate with a myriad of community partners has continued to strengthen our efforts and customize our efforts to fit with the students and families we serve. LPS is  fortunate to have such an amazing group of community partners who expand our reach and take wellness to the next level.

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