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The Community Health Endowment (CHE) was formed in 1998 from the proceeds of the sale of Lincoln General Hospital by the City of Lincoln to Bryan Health. Since inception, CHE has reinvested more than $37 million back into the community in grants to support health related projects. This year, CHE released updated mapping data, announced new funding priorities, and re-confirmed its commitment to tacking social determinants of health and the resulting health inequities.

Place Matters 4.0. CHE released Place Matters 4.0 in October of 2021 in partnership with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. The updated mapping data of Lincoln reveals new information, reinforces present realities, and reminds us that we must strive to do even better. New this year are maps showing the growth and location of older adults (75+ years) and rental rates for single family homes. These maps represent the significant trends that will influence Lincoln’s housing, workforce, health, transportation, and infrastructure in the coming decades and the hope is that Place Matters 4.0 will continue to influence a healthier Lincoln for all.

Funding Priorities. In 2022, CHE announced four new funding priorities. These include first-trimester prenatal care, healthy food access, youth fitness, and mental wellness. These priorities are informed by the Place Matters data and aim to increase health equity for all. Information on upcoming funding opportunities will be posted on the CHE website.

Health Equity. The CHE Board of Trustees recently approved an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion policy to re-confirm their commitment to tackling complex social determinants of health and the resulting health inequities. Transformative leadership, reimagined systems/services, collaboration with all communities, and accountability to local data will be needed to successfully leverage resources and advance health equity. 

CHE annual reports are available online. Stay up to date with CHE info and events by following them on Facebook and sign up to receive email updates.