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Nebraska Extension engages Nebraskans wherever they are, connecting them with the resources, research and innovation of the University of Nebraska. The Food, Nutrition and Health program area within Nebraska Extension, which includes the Nutrition Education Program, is helping Nebraskans live their best, healthiest lives by fostering environments, policies and systems that enable health.

Nutrition Education Program.  The Nutrition Education Program (NEP) team within Lincoln is increasing the value of health and embedding health into the culture of our community by empowering individuals and systems to make health a priority. NEP provides nutrition classes to limited-resource youth and adult groups in partnership with other community-serving organizations such as Lincoln Public Schools, the culture centers, Easterday, Salvation Army, City Impact, Centerpointe, Fresh Start, Catholic Social Services, Lutheran Family Services, and many others. A variety of evidence-based curricula are used to teach nutrition and physical activity to the myriad of groups taught throughout the year. One such curriculum is called Soccer for Success and is focused on using soccer as a modality to teach youth nutrition, encourage physical activity, and foster character development such as resilience along with providing positive role models through the highly-trained coaches.

The Dish.  An innovative program for adult audiences is offered via micro lessons called The Dish: Real Talk about Food. The Dish is offered as a virtual nutrition education series that includes quick, practical nutrition tips in 30 minutes or less. The Dish series equips participants to plan meals, save money, shop and eat healthier to help them increase their spending power on healthy foods and their quality of life with enhanced diet and physical activity practices. The intended audience for The Dish lessons are limited-resource Nebraska families. Learn more about The Dish The Dish is now on social media - follow, like, learn and share on Facebook and Instagram @thedishrealtalk.

Double Up Food Bucks, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  Beyond direct education, NEP coordinates systemic and environmental efforts to embed nutrition and health within our community. A main systemic effort to equitably increase healthy food consumption for limited-resource individuals and families is Double Up Food Bucks. Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) is an incentive program for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants to increase their fruit and vegetable intake. DUFB doubles the amount of money a SNAP recipient can spend on fresh fruits and vegetables (ie: if a SNAP customer spends $20 on vegetables, they receive an additional $20 to be spent on fruits and vegetables only, free of charge to them). The DUFB money is paid for by matching grant funds. Contact Emily Gratopp to support this program. Due to increasing use of the program, additional funds are needed to sustain DUFB in Lincoln. Match funds are currently being sought to apply for an additional DUFB grant to meet this demand.

Get involved with healthy efforts in the community by joining the Extension-led Health Equity Coalition or by becoming a trained Master Health Volunteer. Learn more.