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Community Health Endowment of Lincoln
Funds Lincoln Youth Mentoring Coalition

In July 2020, CHE funded the creation of the Lincoln Youth Mentoring Coalition. This group, representing 26 organizations in Lincoln, has been hard at work to better understand the “state of mentoring” in Lincoln, and to provide specific recommendations for improving mentoring services going forward. This is a first of its kind project for Lincoln/Lancaster County.

Mentoring Data in Lincoln

The Lincoln Youth Mentoring Coalition discovered many key facts:

  • 2,370 youth in Lancaster County currently have a mentor.
  • 76% of youth being mentored are in poverty.
  • 926 youth are waiting to be assigned a mentor.
  • 51% of youth identify as a person of color, while 12% of mentors are persons of color.
  • 41% of youth being mentored are male, while 36% of mentors are male.

How You Can Help

The Lincoln Youth Mentoring Coalition report offers three key observations:

1) More funding is needed to meet the demand for mentors;
2) There is a shortage of mentors, especially mentors of color and male, and
3) the coalition members must continue their work to ensure that every mentoring program in Lincoln meets the standards for quality mentoring.

Read the full report.

If you are interested in mentoring, there are several different organizations who would love your help! Find out more about being a mentor.