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The Community Health Endowment of Lincoln (CHE) is a municipal endowment that is dedicated to making Lincoln the healthiest community in the nation. CHE invests in health-related projects and convenes the community around health issues, improving the well-being of people with the greatest risk of poor health outcomes. Following its creation in 1998, the endowment has returned nearly $37 million in grants back to the community.

Since 2015 and in partnership with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, CHE has mapped trends that impact the health outcomes of Lincoln’s population. These maps, called Place Matters, provide data that influences decision-making, budget allocation, project development, community activism, and strategic planning. The most recent maps are available on the CHE website. 

For more information about grant opportunities and other CHE activities, visit their website and find them on Facebook.

Emily Kluver
Grant and Community Relations Officer
Phone: 402-436-5516