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Located in Lincoln and serving all of Nebraska since 1961, the Nebraska Safety Council’s mission is to provide education and leadership to empower people to live safe and healthy. Our team of content experts provide support and services to organizations of all sizes, across a wide range of industries throughout the state and surrounding areas. More than 400+ Nebraska businesses reap the benefits of expert training, injury prevention strategies, OSHA preparedness and employee well-being initiatives. 

 “Our goal is to provide our members and Nebraska businesses with the tools and informative training they need to ensure a safe and healthy work environment,” says Executive Director, John Lefler, Jr. “The Nebraska Safety Council embraces the “total worker health” initiative, to keep your workforce safe both at work and home.”

The Nebraska Safety Council’s comprehensive programs, training courses, events, and services are designed to provide integrated risk management that reduces health and injury-related costs, boosts worker engagement, and improves overall worker quality of life while positively impacting an organization’s bottom line. The Nebraska Safety Council offers three lines of service excellence:  Worksite Safety, Worker Wellbeing and Road Safety.

The experts at Nebraska Safety Council can help you reduce injuries, worker compensation claims, and your likelihood of a costly OSHA inspection. OSHA inspection with a variety of consulting and training services that can be customized to fit your exact needs.  NESC Safety services also includes: Written program development, Safety program audit Accident investigation, Written program review, First Aid CPR Instructor Training & Individual Certification, Ergonomics, HazWoper and Respiratory Fit Training. More than 2,200 individuals across the State of Nebraska participated in safety training in 2022.

NESC Wellness Services Specialists offer one-on-one consultation to help develop or enhance your wellness program, on-line wellness portal, health risk assessments, electronic wellness activity tracking, health coaching, on-site health screenings, nicotine cessation classes, chronic disease management programs lunch and learn educational programs.  Programs are customized to meet the needs of your workforce.

The Wellness Services Team connects with local business owners to share educational resources, how to establish and enhance current policies and procedures pertaining to healthier vending, importance of moving more to reduce personal health risks and lactation support education and national updates. The Nebraska Safety Council partnered with 25 Lincoln businesses this past year.

Safety along Nebraska roadways is vital to the over health and wellbeing of your team and their families. In 2022, the Nebraska Safety Council traffic experts provided 234 Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Courses (ADD), 143 Alive at 25 programs, 1058/511 Defensive Driving/Safety Training Option Programs (DDC4/STOP), 84 Motorcycle Driving certifications, 590 student Driver’s Education courses and 26 Alcohol Drug Offender programs.

For more Information, contact:
John M. Lefler, Jr., Executive Director
P: 402.483.2511 ext. 109 \ F: 402.483.2513
3270 Folkways Blvd., Ste. 201
Lincoln NE, 68504-1264

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